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Past and Present Beşiktaş

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Yayınevi: Tarih Vakfı Yayınları
Yayım Tarihi: Mart-2021
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Istanbul has often been said to be a city that has lived but has never been written about.Now,after losing so many things of such great cultural value,it is essential that we should at last embarkon its documentation,employing all the various methods of culutural aechaeology.In other words,we should uncover meaningful fragments of its heritage by the skilful utilisation of such an approch Most of what has been written so far on the subject of besiktas has been the work of a single writer and has rarely succeded in rising above the amateur level.Besiktas past and present differs from previous work in being the first book to be produced by a group of specialists.Certainly,an important role in its preparation has been performed by the encyclopedia of İstanbul Past and Present previously published by the History Foundation,But all items from this work incorporated in Besiktas Past and Present have been thoroughly revised and any necessary material added.

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